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free personal injury evaluation

I’ve suffered a personal injury, what do I do?

If you’ve been the victim of a personal injury accident call 435-INJURED today. We know how being in an accident can feel helpless and stressful, you’ll be facing bills, possibly the inability to work, medical trauma, and more. The party responsible for your injury should be held responsible and we are here to help ease the suffering.  Let our personal injury attorneys be your voice and help you win your claim today!

Our team will help handle your case from start to finish. With your priority focus on recovering from your personal injury. Our team will deal with the insurance company and help to make the process easy for you, and minimize the struggle.

At 435 Injury we take on all cases there is no case too big or small, we believe in justice for all.

What Kind of personal injury cases do our lawyers help with?

Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers in St. George, Utah help cases with different types of personal injuries. Some of the most common personal injury cases we see include: auto accidents, sip and falls, dog bites or attacks, vision/hearing loss, neck injuries, back and spinal cord injuries, broken bones, burns, strains/sprains, lacerations, internal injuries, and so much more.

Often times personal injury accidents end up being fatal, if that’s the case we can help your family with a wrongful death claim on their behalf. This claim may allow you to receive compensation for any funeral expense, loss of support, medical bills, and much more. Schedule a free consultation with us today by filling out the form on this page.  With this additional information, we can be better prepared to discuss your case.

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Personal Injury Information

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